Proofing for artwork proof is an important step in the CD/DVD replication process. It gives you one last chance to see the artwork before it goes off to be printed thousands of times. Here is a checklist that might help you organize what needs to be verified:





  • Colors on pdf proof: computer monitor is not reliable to proof color accurately. If color is important ask about hard copy proofs. 
  • Viewing the pdf proof: make sure the pdf proof is viewed on a large enough screen. A mobile phone screen is too small and you may not see all the details. 
  • Crop marks / Trim/Bleed: Important images and text should be at least 1/8″ inside the trim. Artwork should extend at least 1/8″ beyond the trim for bleed.
  • Dimension: As an example, mini disc and regular disc may appear the same size on the PDF proof. Print and cut out the proof to ensure the right size
  • Font type/Copy: Check if fonts have changed on the proof, and there is no typos.
  • Images/Layout: make sure the right images have been used and they have not shifted in the proof
  • Special effects: look for any drop shadow and transparency effects, make sure they show up correctly
  • Spot colors: if any spot colors is used, it should be noted on the proof
  • PDF artifacts: sometimes you might notice that the vertical strokes of certain letters such as ‘L’, ‘H’, ‘I’ might look thicker than the other letters. Usually this is a problem on the acrobat reader, and the way to verify it is the print the pdf proof out, it should be a concern if the problem does not show up on the actual print out.
  • Inside spine: unless noted otherwise on the order, inside spine of digipak, wallet and certain cardboard packaging is white. Additional inside spine option is available.
  • Tray position (digipak only): Whether the job requires a single tray, or double tray, twin tray please double check it is the correct tray and the position of the tray is correct.
  • Page order (booklets only): Verify pages of booklets are in the right order. If you have many pages, the best way is to print the pages out and put together a mock-up so you have a good idea how the booklet flows.
  • Hard copy proof vs pdf proof: It is important to know that PDF proofs are not color accurate; there are digital and press proofs available for additional proof options.

These are our suggested minimum steps to verify we have received all the graphic elements correctly for print; if there are special requirements for your specific project, please check for that as well. Remember, when you sign off on a proof, you indicate that everything on the proof is correct. If a problem is discovered afterwards it is likely that you will incur additional costs to fix it.  

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