We’ll show you how easy it is to set up spot UV varnish, foil, or emboss in your artwork. The process is similar whether you are using Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign. In this example we have the following digipak where the title and front image are covered with silver foil.


1. Figure out the elements that will have the special print effects

Open the artwork file, identify the elements that will be in silver set-up-foil-spot-varnish

2. Make a copy of these elements

Next, make a copy of the layers containing the elements that will have the special print effects. Do not copy other parts of the artwork that is not affected. Group the copied elements in a new group/layer, name it spot UV or foil, depending what you are doing.

3. Paint it with a single color

Using fill or any other tool to paint the elements with a single color. The simpliest one we recommend is black. Just because it’s black it does not mean black will actually be printed. It’s just a way to identify these elements. The artwork will then look something like this:


4. Place the group in position

Once the new group has been painted in black, you should then move it to where you want the foil or spot UV to be printed. Finally a look at the layer structure will look like this:


That’s it! When you receive the pdf proof, there will be a separate pdf for either spot UV, foil or emboss. Double check the correct elements are on the pdf proof.

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