Silkscreening is one of the 2 options available in disc replication. It works well with solid colors and results in smooth, consistent and vibrant colors.

The key to setting up disc artwork for silkscreening is that all graphic elements will need to be in vectors. This can be achieved by using Adobe Illustrator or InDesign. In this example we will be using Adobe Illustrator.

1. Create all the graphic elements using vectors.


2. Bring up the color chart: The color system we use for disc printing is Pantone Solid Coated. Bring up the color chart by going to Windows->Swatch Library->Pantone Solid Coated. A new box will show up:


3. Assign PMS color: for each color on the artwork, you would need to assign a PMS color. Note: the on screen version of color chart seen here is not an accurate representation of how the PMS color will look on print. The best way is to obtain a color swatch book from Pantone to select the color. In our example, we assign 423C to the grey text. The result will look like the following:


Just repeat this process on all the graphic and text elements of the artwork, and your artwork has been now properly setup for silkscreening!


Here’s a YouTube video showing the same workflow:

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