Paper stock and coating has a big impact on the color outcome of artwork. It’s important to understand the difference so the final printed products are within expectation. Here we illustrate the point by using printing the same artwork on 3 most popular coating/stock options:


Aqueous coating: Commonly referred to as ‘AQ coating’. This is our standard coating and has a semi-gloss to it. It looks good on all artwork and most frequently used.

Matte coating: Matte coating is smooth to touch and gives a modern feel to the piece. It also slightly darkens and adds a slight red hue to the print.

Reverse board: Artwork is printed on the reverse (uncoated) side of the cardboard. You can see and feel some of the paper fiber, which is the reason why it looks and feel more raw and rustic. Due to its uncoated nature, colors in general is more muted and washed out. It works better with lighter color tones, as the ‘mutedness’ is more obvious in darker tones.


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We have more examples of difference between reverse board and pdf seen on screen.

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