Distribution bundle included with your CD replication order FREE!

What you will get along with your CD replication order


upc UPC barcode registration
UPC barcodes are required for tracking CD sales. We will register your barcode with Nielson soundscan so all sales through outlets reporting to Nielson will be recorded.


Gracenote-Logo Gracenote registration
Most music lovers now listen to music on desktops, laptops or mobile phones, so it would be nice that artist and track information shows up in digital music play such as iTunes. Information is pulled from Gracenote‘s CDDB database. We will submit all your track information to the database so it will be visible to anyone who inserts the CD into any Gracenote-enabled music player.
cd-text CD Text with replication
Many car stereos or DVD players are enabled with CD Text so artist and song information is available while the CD is played. CD Text needs to be encoded on CD master in mastering. If CD Text is present on the CD master, it is included on all CD replication order FREE of charge.


Download the distribution bundle information form

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