Merchandise, promotional items and marketing solutions

Whether you are out on the tour promoting the latest CD or DVD release, or on the tradeshow floor talking to prospective customers, physical merchandise and promtional items go a long way.

Why buy promo / merchandise?

Increase brand loyalty: Giving fans or customers something tangible to remember your brand

Additional income: Producing additional income by selling eye-catching merch

Increase brand awareness:  Did you know the average man own at least 5 promotional shirts? Market your brand with re-usable, durable merch / promos that will be seen again and again

– Promote company spirit: Using corporate apparel, office item to encourage eamwork and company culture

New Year’s resolutions are not always easy to keep, especially when they involve fitness and weight loss. However, they can be achieved with a lot of work and dedication, in that way you can get a new year fitness.

Why use Hellman Production?

– Our experts research products based on your event, audience and budget.

– Our design team processes your logo to the artwork specification of the imprint method.

– We will closely monitor the entire production process, and assure the quality. You, the customer just sit back and relax.

– The products can be dropped shipped, picked up, or distributed per your specific need.


Browse some ideas to get started..

Merchandise for CD / DVD release

Tradshow giveaway

School fundraisers

Fan appreciation

Company spirit


Or, search our entire promotional catalog!



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